About us

There are plenty of good ideas in Berlin about how to shape our city in the future. Regardless of the initial origin of these ideas – whether they come from citizens, businesses, research partners or from political and administrative circles – what is important is whether these projects can make our lives better and how we can try them out. In the process, our self-concept and our mission are aligned with the Charta, with clear targets for a liveable and innovative city of the future.

In order to achieve these targets, Berlin Partner für Technologie und Wirtschaft GmbH, together with the Technologie Stiftung Berlin, has instigated the Smart City Berlin network, which already has 150 partners.

Members include:

  • Businesses of different sizes and from various business sectors
  • Scientific and research institutions
  • Representatives from administrative departments in Berlin

What we offer

  • An open high-level network
  • Interaction and cooperation
  • Use of various types of synergies
  • Direct communication with Berlin politicians
  • Experience with project launches, development and implementation
  • Urban Lab with numerous application rooms

How we work

The network develops and tests innovative projects for and with urban communities, in order to answer central questions about our future Berlin:

  • How can we handle our city environment, urban communities and city economics in a more efficient, more sustainable way?
  • How do we want to live in the future?
  • How can we maintain quality of life without losing economic and social attractiveness?

Our partner institutions are organised into various thematic work groups, which communicate with each other and develop ideas together.

The team

  • The coordinators of each work group (business, scientific or research partners)
  • The Smart City Unit of Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH
  • Berlin Senate Chancellery as the central contact for the Berlin authorities

The work groups

The network’s work groups represent the focuses of the Berlin Smart City strategy [deep link] and thereby provide the framework for joint project work.

The following thematic groups, and consequently mains areas of focus, have already been established:

  • Smart Infrastructur
  • Smart Administration and Urban Communit
  • Public Safet
  • Smart Livin
  • Smart Mobility

More about the work groups you can learn here.

The spokespersons

Every network partner is also an ambassador for the Smart City Berlin – on a local, national and international level Two spokespersons represent the Smart City Berlin network in consultations with Berlin’s politicians and authorities, ally with other initiatives and activities and represent our successes at conferences and trade fairs.

Claudia Rathfux
Head of Customer and Market Relation
Stromnetz Berlin GmbH

Jens Burkhardt
Chief Digital Officer/
BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH

More information about the network Smart City Berlin

If you would like more information about the network, you are welcome to contact us

You can find an initial overview of the network’s partners here