Innovative street lighting

The LED-catwalk is 1,500 m long and it is located on the premises of German Museum of Technology. It offers the opportunity to experience innovative LED lighting from various perspectives. Energy efficiency, glare control, visibility, adaptive lighting, usable area lighting, light colour and colour rendering are the topics presented in five different areas. The information transfer is supported by information boards, an E-terminal and QR codes on the light poles.

The LED-catwalk is the first location that demonstrates the diverse possibilities of LED technology under real conditions with different visual objects and glare sources. The focus is raising awareness of the issues of light and energy. Light quality and energy efficiency will become comprehensible. Among other things, the dependence of efficiency and lighting quality on mast height, mast spacing, buildings, light distribution, light colour, weather conditions and glare sources are shown.


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Innovative street lighting
Ladestraße am Deutschen Technikmuseum Berlin Zugang über Möckernstraße, 10963 Berlin
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